Refined Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil offers the highest level of monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) among vegetable oils. Sunflower oil is pressed which entails minimal processing, producing a light, flavorful oil. Sunflower oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds,
grinding them, pressing and extracting the crude oil from
them, and further careful refining.


nutritional benefits

  • Sunflower oil is an excellent source for monounsaturated fats. Several studies indicate that high–monounsaturated fatty acid diets lower both plasma cholesterol and triacylglycerol concentrations, preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • The deterioration of this oil after frying food applications is lower than other oils.


  • Culinary and food applications: Sunflower oil can be used
in conditions with extremely high cooking temperatures such deep fat frying. It may also help food stay fresher and healthier for longer periods of time and lower the levels of trans fat in mass produced foods.
  • The high oleic sunflower oil is used in cosmetics as a carrier in skin and hair care products.


Color (5 1/4″) 2.0 R, 20 Y Max.
Iodine value 78-90
Peroxide value 2 Meq/Kg Max.
FFA (as oleic) 0.1% Max.
22000 Kg / Isotank
21000 Kg / Flexitank
2000 Pounds / 920 Kg / Tote
420 Pounds / 195 Kg / Drum