Refined High Oleic Safflower Oil

High oleic safflower oil is obtained from pressing the natural hybrid safflower seed, and then it is refined. The fatty acid composition of this oil is similar to that of olive oil (oleic acid) but with a mild flavor.


nutritional benefits

  • High levels of oleic acid provide safflower oil with stability and long shelf life (that is more commonly seen in saturated or hydrogenated oils).
High monounsaturated fat intake can improve the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) promoting health benefits and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • This oil has a high resistance to oxidation due to the high levels of oleic acid.


  • High oleic saffower oil is used as an ingredient for many food industry applications in infant formulas because of its excellent stability.
  • It has good frying characteristics used for the premium fried snacks elaboration.
  • It is used in cosmetic formulations because it can be easily incorporated as an active ingredient or an excellent carrier in skin and hair care products.


Color (5 1/4″) 2.5 R, 25 Y Max.
Iodine value 80-100
Peroxide value 2 Meq/Kg Max.
FFA (as oleic) 0.1% Max.
22000 Kg / Isotank
21000 Kg / Flexitank
2000 Pounds / 920 Kg / Tote
420 Pounds / 195 Kg / Drum