Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is extracted from pressing avocados and then filtering it. This oil has a strong avocado aroma, and it has a green avocado color.


nutritional benefits

  • The fatty acid profile of the extra virgin avocado oil is very similar to olive oil. It is high in monounsaturated fats (oleic acid) and smaller amounts of polyunsaturated fat. This oil is an excellent contributor to a healthy and balanced diet.
  • There are many bioactive lipid-soluble components in the avocado oil that promotes health, and helps with the inhibition of prostate cancer cells growth, fat accumulation reduction and obesity, and protection of eyesight in the elderly. It is also rich in vitamin-E precursors.


  • Culinary: Extra virgin avocado oil is excellent for salad dressing, for fish or chicken marinades and also for baked goods. Avoid high heat applications. The best way to consume it is cold, so it doesn’t lose its nutritional properties.
  • Cosmetic industry: It is suitable for skin and massage creams, massage oils and all other preparations which are used for applying to, or rubbing into the skin. This oil has emulsifying properties that are utilized in the making of smooth creams and soaps.


Color (1″)3.5R/70YMax.
Iodine value 85-90.
Peroxide value 10 Meq/Kg Max.
FFA (as oleic) 4.0% Max.
22000 Kg / Isotank
21000 Kg / Flexitank
2000 Pounds / 920 Kg / Tote
420 Pounds / 195 Kg / Drum