Chia Oil

Chia seed oil contains the highest proportion of the polyunsaturated fatty acid Alfa-Linolenic (Omega-3) of any vegetable source. This oil is obtained by pressing chia seeds and then filtered. It is not refined in order to preserve all lipid nutrients of chia seed.


nutritional benefits

  • The regularly incorporation of this oil into the diet would be very beneficial due to the high content of polyunsaturated fat (Omega-3). Omega-3 is related to many benefits: Lowering triglycerides and cholesterol levels which results in low blood pressure and anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic and hepatoprotective actions.
  • The natural antioxidant composition of chia oil helps maintain the stability of the oil, and it is considered much more stable than flax seed oil and other vegetable oils rich in Omega-3.
  • Antioxidants in the chia seeds prevent the effects of aging.


  • Like many oilseeds which are high in Omega-3, chia oil may be degraded when heated so it is best to use in uncooked or finished dishes.
  • In the nutraceutical industry chia oil is used in gel caps as a supplement high in Omega-3.
  • Cosmetic industry: Due to its properties, chia oil is suitable for cosmetics and personal care products elaboration.


Color (5 1/4″) 5.0 R, 50 Y Max.
Iodine value 191-199
Peroxide value 6 Meq/Kg Max.
FFA (as oleic) 2.0% Max.
22000 Kg / Isotank
21000 Kg / Flexitank
2000 Pounds / 920 Kg / Tote
420 Pounds / 195 Kg / Drum