Refined Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is in steady demand as so-called “healthy oil” particularly in Asian countries. This oil product is obtained from the outer layer of rice, further carefully refined in order to preserve micronutrients.


nutritional benefits

  • The composition of refined rice bran oil indicates that the polyunsaturated/saturated fat ratio and Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio is nearly similar when compared with the World Health Organization recommendations.
  • Refined rice bran oil has small traces of micronutrients including gamma oryzanol, tocopherols and sterols. All of these promote health benefits.
  • This oil exhibits excellent frying stability due to its high smoking point.


  • Refined rice bran oil is most suited for general deep fat frying and cooking applications, especially in Asian cuisine. It is also often used for the making of salad dressings and mayonnaise.
  • It contributes a pleasant flavor to fried food making it a premium choice for frying high-quality products with delicate flavors. The low viscosity of this oil allows less oil to be absorbed during cooking, reducing overall ingested calories.
  • The non-food uses of this oil are animal feed formulations, soaps, and glycerin production.
  • Because its natural antioxidants, it is also suitable for cosmetic applications and skin care products.


Color (5 1/4″) 5.0 R, 50 Y Max.
Iodine value 90-115
Peroxide value 5 Meq/Kg Max.
FFA (as oleic) 0.2% Max.
22000 Kg / Isotank
21000 Kg / Flexitank
2000 Pounds / 920 Kg / Tote
420 Pounds / 195 Kg / Drum