Our market strategy starts directly in the fields, where we can get involved in the development of the farmers and their fields in Mexico and in other countries around the world.


Provide physical presence of our specialized engineers in the growing areas.
Support on a daily basis over 5,000 families in the agricultural community.
Finance in order to avoid middle agents and pay a fair price for the farmer’s crops.
Offer support to finance machinery for the farmers and the pre crop preparation of the land.
Negotiate federal government resources through our organization for crop activities.
Encourage farmers to support the growing of sesame in strategic regions in Mexico and the world.





We believe in always giving the best of us, so we can give even more back to our land and community.


· We offer personal development programs to enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families.
· We are part of FEJAL, a foundation that promotes programs for education, well being and human development for the underprivileged
population in Jalisco.
· We donate to over 20 non profit organizations.